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Faded Glitter
Glitter powder extensions are very beautiful and you can choose from many colours. Your nails are prepared with tips being fixed and cut to the length …

Acrylic Extension with Gel Colour
Acrylic Extension is the most popular technique used, you can apply any colour after making the extension and shaping. Many clients prefer Gel Colour to finish the nails…

Nail Extension with Normal Colour
Nail extensions with normal colour is still the choice for many clients, the advantage is you can remove and change the colour yourself if you don’t have time to go to…

Shaping and Free-Hand Design
Shaping and Free-Hand Designs to complement the shape of your hands. There are many shapes to choose from, really square, squarely rounded, round, almond…

3D Nail Art
3D Nail Art is the most technically complicated and need lots of patience to get it right. With 3D nail art, you hands will look really special. Each design is unique because…