Hello, my name is Christine Fowke. After graduating in English from Can Tho University, Vietnam, I went on to study music at The Academy of Music, Ho Chi Minh City. When studying at university I had a number of friends who had student jobs working as Nail Technicians. I have always been good at art, so I was fascinated by the beautiful and intricate designs that can be painted on finger and toe nails. I often went to see my friends when they were at work and so started learning the skills of being a Nail Technician. I love painting and when a salon owner asked me if I would like to try out some art work on finger and toe nails I jumped at the chance. I have since worked in many different salons, so developing a wide range of skills.

After completing my music degree I then studied website design. At first really just as a hobby, but being aware of how important the Internet was to business, I knew it was a skill I needed to master. When I came to Europe and settled in the United Kingdom I realised just how many nail and beauty salons there were. Many of the nail salons are operated by my fellow countryman from Vietnam. Of course, not all nail salons are run by people from Vietnam, Britain is a very diverse culture and this is reflected in the people that run all types of business. I saw the opportunity to bring together my skills of a Nail Technician and Nail Art Designer with my Internet skills.

I continue to work actively with clients in order to maintain and improve my skills. This engagement with real clients also enables me to produce an ever increasing portfolio of training and nail art videos. I make this range of videos available online, this enables clients to select styles and designs.

The web design service I offer is tailored to providing websites not only for specialist nail and beauty salons, but business in general.