Steps for Online Booking
Step One select the service/s you would like from the list below.
Step Two select any extras you would like.
Step Three Select your assistant (OK there is only me to choose from).
Step Four select the date and time you would like to come.

My booking system then automatically works out the amount of time it will take me to complete your nails. If you receive a message saying your preferred time is not available it means there is insufficient time for me to complete your nails before my next customer, so please select an earlier time. Often you will only have to move your appointment earlier by 10 to 15 minutes. Alternatively you can select a different day or time completely.

If you are booking online for the first time and receive a message “E-mail exists” this is because I have already entered you into the booking system. If this happens simply click LOST PASSWORD enter your email address and set up a new password. You will then be able to login and make new, or check and change existing bookings.

If you have any problems please call Peter on his mobile 07539 293 941 and he will sort it out for you.

Book an appointment

Online booking is not available at the moment, please contact me at or phone me: 07957 364 857